Hi Barbie! VENVS Engagement Rings Inspired by Barbie

With the recent release of the new Barbie movie, you don’t have to be a film buff to know that this was one of, if not the most anticipated movie release of the year. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so is Barbie, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite iconic Barbie looks and paired them with our one-of-a-kind and ready-to-ship engagement rings. 

Classic Barbie


This Barbie look is pink, playful, and enchanting - just like the Wren. The Wren is a newly launched 14k yellow gold ring featuring an oval pink sapphire and a 5-stone sunburst, a combination that is equal parts playful and enchanting.


Beach Barbie

We've paired this recognizable look with the Vesper as an homage to the first Barbie created. The 14k white gold Vesper’s oval natural diamond and black diamond half-sunburst halo complement Barbie’s striped one-piece swimsuit perfectly.


Rodeo Barbie

Yeehaw! We’ve paired Barbie’s iconic pink western look with our 14k yellow gold Portia which features a hexagon pink sapphire and four baguette cut diamonds.


Disco Barbie

Disco is back, thanks to Barbie. Barbie’s glamorous disco look and our Luna ring are a match made in heaven. The Luna is a 14k rose gold ring featuring an effervescent marquise-cut champagne diamond center stone and six marquise-cut diamonds, which complements Barbie’s one-piece gold sequined jumpsuit effortlessly.


Rollerblading Barbie

Rollerblading Baribie is bold, colorful, and fun, and to add a little sparkle, we’ve paired this look with our Calisto ring: a 14k white gold ring adorned with a hexagon-cut lavender quartz with three white diamond clusters on each side of the stone. 


Retro Barbie

Retro Barbie, meet the Ophelia. The Ophelia is a 14k rose gold vintage-inspired ring with an oval sapphire surrounded by a white diamond pave halo, which matches Barbie’s retro blue and white ensemble flawlessly.

Nautical Barbie

Nautical, but make it pink. We’ve paired Barbie’s pink nautical look with something a little more subdued but still fabulous: our Soleil ring, which features a marquise-cut natural rose diamond as its center stone, surrounded by a white diamond pave sunburst halo.


Winter Barbie

We’ve paired this Barbie look with the Sienna, a 14k white gold ring adorned with an oval salt and pepper diamond and a white diamond pave halo. The grey hues of the salt and pepper diamond give off an icy feel, perfect for wintertime Barbie.

Camping Barbie

Camping Barbie is nature-inspired and glamorous, just like the gemstone Soleil, which features a natural purple tourmaline, hugged by a white diamond pave sunburst halo.


Barbie can create any life she wants to live and confidently express herself while doing so, and with VENVS you can design any engagement ring that totally represents you and your love story. Our custom ring builder allows you to totally customize your dream ring, and we can’t wait to see what you design.