4 Reasons Why Venvs Should Design Your Custom Engagement Ring

Your partner’s engagement ring is likely the most significant piece of jewelry you will ever buy. There’s a mountain of pressure and expectations; you want it to be personal, relay your love, and still look stunning. This life-changing purchase can feel daunting-- but designing a custom ring doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to find the right partner to help you along your journey.

That’s where Venvs comes in.


A welcoming business


Venvs is a judgment-free zone. Started by a queer woman who wanted to see her love represented in the jewelry Same Sex Couple Coordinating Engagement Ringsindustry, we want you to feel comfortable gushing about your partner without fear. Everyone deserves to feel important and valued while picking out jewelry no matter their race, size, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, or ability.

By purchasing your engagement ring with Venvs you are supporting the values of equality and inclusion that the brand is built upon. Even if you see yourself represented in the jewelry industry, it’s still important to buy from businesses that strive for equality (and excellent jewelry.)


Out of the box stones


Clear diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but salt and pepper diamonds hold a special place in the heart of every millennial who listened to Fall Out Boy on their iPod nano. Your love is unique and you want a stone that shows that. Venvs has a wide selection of gemstones and diamonds to choose from, so you can find the perfect centerpiece for the setting of your choice.

Unique Engagement Ring with Multiple Different Gemstones


Opal for a delicate and subtle touch, ruby to represent your fiery romance, aquamarine to feel like the ocean is always at your feet-- we have the perfect stone for you and your partner.


It can be tough to find unique stones that are of good quality and fit your style. Diamonds have been the standard for so long, other brilliant stones can be overlooked. Venvs has a large variety of stones and settings to accompany them. You don’t even have to choose between diamond and gemstone for some settings like the Celeste, you can have it all.


Gender-neutral beauty


Gender-neutral jewelry doesn’t have to mean boring. Everyone, no matter their gender identity, deserves to have a remarkable engagement ring. Venvs has a variety of settings to fit everyone’s style.


If your partner is into simple and sleek, you could work with a designer on the Leda. This setting looks stunning with any stone and retains a classic, clean look. But maybe your partner loves bling and practically bleeds glamour, then you may want to check out something like the Cordelia.


Gender-neutral engagement rings are difficult to find but Venvs makes the process how it should be, fun.


Personalized attention and care


Buying online can be robotic and impersonal, and that’s not how we want you to feel when shopping with Venvs. That’s why you can book a 30-minute consultation to discuss your ideal engagement ring with Brand Owner & in-house designer Haley.


Salt and Pepper Hexagon Diamond

This session allows you to work out what you want from an engagement ring and see what settings and stones would fit best for you and your partner. Haley is excited to learn about your love story and find you a unique engagement ring that’s worthy of it.


By customizing your ring you can give it those personal touches you may otherwise miss. Your perfect engagement ring should be the color, stone, and setting you love without compromise, and we can’t wait to see what you choose.


Venvs wants to make your engagement ring search as exciting and pain-free as possible. That’s why we focus on making this an inclusive and individual-focused experience. Custom rings don’t have to be daunting, they just need to be beautiful.


To book a consultation with Haley visit www.shopvenvs.com/pages/appointment, and if you can’t wait to get started check out www.shopvenvs.com to see what stones and settings catch your eye.

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