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Salt & Pepper Diamond Rings

A salt and pepper diamond is the perfect choice if you want an unusual diamond ring. Salt and pepper diamonds provide you with the durability of the diamond, but a shade range far beyond the classic clear. These trendy and unique stones are quickly becoming a classic. With gorgeous imperfections, you are gifted with a different and brilliant shade for each stone..

Salt and pepper diamonds are given their unique colors because of small inclusions in the stone. But these inclusions generally don’t impact the integrity of the stone. Salt and pepper diamonds rank a 10/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re not jeopardizing strength for style.

A salt pepper diamond engagement ring can fit any style or ring setting. You can dare to go dark with a black diamond wedding ring or remain cool with a speckled silver diamond in your setting of choice. The salt and pepper diamonds are a beautiful and unique choice.

Salt and Pepper Ring

Gemstones Are Here

Channeling Jackie O, a gemstone engagement ring is the perfect unique engagement ring choice. These glamorous and gorgeous stones will make you feel like a 60s socialite. You’re brilliant and full of life, shouldn’t your engagement ring be too?

The hardest part of choosing a gemstone ring isn’t deciding on gemstone- it’s deciding which gemstone. Ruby is a sultry and fiery stone that represents passion and love, and it’s a relatively low-maintenance gemstone. Opal is perfect for the delicate hand that wants a stone as soft and lovely as its wearer. Emeralds scream old Hollywood and are recognizable by their stunning green tones.

For an authentic and stylish vintage style engagement ring, gemstones are the way to go. The perfect mix of class and camp can be found somewhere in a peridot ring. Whether you want a stunning solitaire or a halo-style ring to get some diamonds in the mix; you won’t be disappointed when you make a gemstone your centerpiece.


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