The Ultimate Guide to Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Here at VENVS, it’s no secret that we love salt and pepper diamonds - in fact, we started out by specializing in unique salt and pepper diamond engagement rings in our early days. We haven’t strayed far from our early roots though - we’re still in love with salt and pepper diamonds and specialize in alternative engagement rings adorned with these moody stones. There are many reasons to love salt and pepper diamonds, and if you’re considering this stone for an engagement ring, keep reading to learn more about these bespeckled beauties before saying “yes” to a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds 101

What are salt and pepper diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are formed deep within the earth just like any other diamond, however they are natural white diamonds with naturally occurring inclusions. Inclusions are markings in the diamond that typically look like black and white specks, giving these stones their remarkable patterns and colors. However, they’re still diamonds!

Natural or white diamonds have naturally occurring inclusions that aren’t visible to the naked eye, however their value is based on their clarity – or lack of inclusions (technically speaking, a diamond’s value is based on the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat).

What makes salt and pepper diamonds unique?

Salt and pepper diamonds are inherently unique because no two stones have the 

same pattern of inclusions – think of them like fingerprints. The inclusions of salt and pepper diamonds differ in size, position, and pattern, creating an endless amount of variety. Salt and pepper diamonds exist in a stunning array of colors from sultry silver to shades of gray to deep charcoal and even black. Some diamonds may feel dark and moody, and some may have barely there inclusions, making them appear bright and sparkly; the white inclusions are the “salt” and the black inclusions are the “pepper”.

Salt and pepper diamonds are also referred to as “galaxy diamonds” and “rustic diamonds”. Galaxy diamonds are darker in color and have galaxy-like markings reminiscent of a night sky full of stars, whereas rustic diamonds are lighter in color and have hues of red, yellow, and orange in their inclusions, giving them a rust-like color.

Durability and care


Like a traditional diamond, salt and pepper diamonds rank at a 10 on the mohs scale of hardness, and all salt and pepper diamonds used by VENVS go through a thorough inspection to ensure there are no surface level reaching inclusions

Even though a salt and pepper diamond is a strong, hard stone, as a precaution we recommend avoiding physical activity, physical labour, or any activity where you may experience unexpected impact while wearing a salt and pepper diamond ring. We also recommend avoiding harsh chemicals like household cleaners and cosmetics while wearing a salt and pepper diamond ring, and storing your ring in a safe, dry place separated from other jewelery, like in a pouch or separate ring box.

Why We Love Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Unmatched uniqueness: With no two salt and pepper diamonds being the same, they have an unmatched uniqueness to them making them one-of-a-kind. With more and more couples valuing individuality and uniqueness in engagement rings that reflects their relationship, opting for a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is the perfect way to encapsulate this one-of-a-kind factor. We love salt and pepper diamonds because they deviate from typical engagement ring “cookie-cutter” standards; they are perfectly imperfect.

Versatility: Salt and pepper diamonds are truly versatile when it comes to choosing the cut of salt and pepper diamond, metal, and ring setting. Their signature salt and pepper coloring also pairs well with traditional diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and gemstones. 

Complex depth: Salt and pepper diamonds have a unique sparkle that differs from the brilliance of traditional diamonds. The more inclusions in a stone the less light that will be reflected, however this also means that the stone will be more complex and eye-catching.

Eco-friendly: Historically during the mining process, mining companies have only used a small fraction of the diamonds mined and discard the rest as waste or kept for industrial purposes. Since salt and pepper diamonds have grown in popularity, they’re a celebrated stone that faces less discarding. Long story short: salt and pepper diamonds are more sustainable than traditional diamonds as less mining is required to source them compared to traditional diamonds.

Affordability: Salt and pepper diamonds are affordable: they’re a more cost effective option compared to their clear counterpart, which allows you to invest more in other details of your ring that matter to you.

Accessibility: With the affordability of salt and pepper diamonds and growing mainstream popularity, they’ve become increasingly accessible for not only the wearer or the couple, but for independent small businesses too - like us!

Shaking up the status quo: These edgy, alternative diamonds are rewriting history – natural clear white diamonds are no longer the only desirable diamond to be found in modern day engagement rings, and jewelry as a whole. 

We know that your love story is one-of-a-kind, and we believe that your engagement ring should match your one-of-a-kind love story. No two salt and pepper diamonds are exactly alike, allowing for an almost infinite amount of engagement ring designs, making them the perfect option for a unique engagement ring center stone. 

If a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is the ring for you, you’ve come to the right place. We have ready-to-ship engagement rings that are waiting for you here, however we recommend a more personalized approach by booking a free consultation with us to discuss your dream ring. If you’ve already established a vision with your partner, you can custom-design your dream ring with our ring designer. Regardless of the route you choose, we have an extensive collection of salt and pepper diamonds in our inventory for you to choose from.