Hexagon Cut Diamonds Make the Perfect Unique Engagement Ring

To find the perfect unique engagement ring, you first have to find the perfect center stone. Whether your stone is a stunning salt and pepper diamond or an opulent opal, it needs to be in a shape that suits you. A hexagon engagement ring may be the perfect, unconventional choice for your ring.


The Aurora setting with a stunning hexagonal gray diamond

A hexagon ring is created when the stone has been cut to form the unique and angular shape of a hexagon. You have probably already come across some traditional cuts: round, princess, oval, pear, cushion, and emerald are very popular. But an alternative engagement ring calls for a special cut of gemstone. The beauty of the hexagon can be found naturally as well.


This strong and resilient shape is the structure of a honeycomb. Symbolizing harmony and balance, a hexagon ring can represent the compatibility and unity in your relationship.


Venvs has some ready-to-ship hexagon options that may be your ideal ring, or may inspire your custom engagement ring. Here are just a few of the beautiful hexagon engagement rings Venvs has to offer.


The Aurora


The Aurora is a unique solitaire engagement ring made more noteworthy by its

The bewitching Estelle ring with a hexagonal black diamond

hexagonal cut. The gray salt and pepper diamond is surrounded by a bright 16 diamond pave band, allowing for the traditional and brilliant clear diamond to find a home on your ring while still allowing for a less traditional centerpiece.


The ready-to-ship ring could be your glass slipper if you want a ring that feels fresh and new, while still having a vintage style.


The Estelle


The Estelle shows a sultry and mysterious side to the hexagon ring. Cushioning the salt and pepper diamond is a five-black diamond sunburst; four round and singular pear stone. The soft angles of the round and pear stones balance out the harsh lines of the hexagon and create a beautiful balance.


The Leda ring with a beautiful hexagon gray diamond

This ready-to-ship beauty fulfills your Hex Girls fantasy, but a personalized ring can show your brighter side with a lighter-colored centerpiece.



The Leda



A stunning hexagonal ring can also be sleek and subtle. The Leda is a solitaire ring that focuses on your chosen centerpiece. This bezel setting is as sturdy and dependable as the love that inspires your ring search. 

The ready-to-ship Leda shown above holds a stunning gray diamond, which displays the hexagonal shape beautifully. 

Venvs has a wide variety of hexagon rings that can be found, or created with your preferred diamond or gemstone. If you’re stuck on what stone fits you best, book a consultation with Brand Owner and In-House Designer Haley Biemiller. 

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