Moissanite: The Biggest Bling for your Buck!

Rectangular clear moissanite on a yellow gold band, paired with a yellow gold band adorned with black diamonds, on a warm-toned hand with subtle french-tip nails

Traditional, clear diamonds have reigned supreme within the engagement ring industry, but they’ve found a fierce competitor in Moissanite. Radiating the same elegance and glamor, these beaming stones often pass as Diamonds; they have become a popular choice for those looking for a classic, sophisticated ring without the expense of a natural Diamond.


Discovered in 1893 by French chemist and Nobel Prize Winner Henri Moissan, Moissanite was found within a meteorite crater in the State of Arizona. Moissan, having originally believed he found a Diamond, later conducted tests to determine the chemical composition of the stone; it was then he realized he had uncovered an entirely new, and rarely occurring, mineral species!


Round clear moissanite on a yellow gold band with white diamonds, on a fair-skinned hand with light pink nailsWhile Moissanite is similar to Diamond in many ways, there are a few notable differences.


Price - Larger stone without the price tag


Moissanite’s biggest appeal is its low price point relative to Diamond. With a lower cost per carat, Moissanite can offer a brilliant, large stone for less!

Take the Aurora with a 2.35ct Round Moissanite, for example. With a bold 9mm round stone, this Ready-to-Ship engagement ring is by no means modest. Priced at $3,345, this staggering beauty demands attention without breaking the bank. For price comparison, the Aurora with a .71ct Natural Round Diamond is $4,295.

Round traditional diamond in a rose gold band with white diamonds, on a black fan and tan background



Color - Unique color refraction


Moissanite is similar to Diamonds in their variation in clarity and color. Traditional Moissanite will present as near-colorless with slight shimmers of blues, yellows, and pinks, whereas Natural Diamonds will showcase a white sparkle.


Moissanite is also available in a wide range of colors. Blue Moissanite is a gorgeous, steely blue while Pink Moissanite offers a pop of bubble-gum pink. If you’re looking for bold colors without compromising clarity, a colorful Moissanite could be exactly what you’re looking for.




The Moh’s Hardness Scale is a standardized metric, from 1 to 10, used to distinguish the durability of a stone. The hardness is determined by the difficulty with which the mineral is scratched; the higher it ranks on the scale, the more durable the stone.


While Diamond is infamously the hardest mineral on earth (ranking at a 10 on the scale), Moissanite is giving Diamond a run for its money, with a comparable hardness of 9.25.


With both the color availability and impressive durability of Moissanite, this is a great alternative for someone who loves a softer gemstone but wants the piece-of-mind of a harder mineral. Moissanite is the perfect stone for a reliable and unique engagement ring.


Ready-to-Ship Moissanite with VENVS

Rectangular clear moissanite set at a 45-degree angle on a plain yellow gold band, paired with a yellow gold wedding band with white, baguette-cut diamonds, on a fair-skinned hand


The Nova with a 1.7ct Marquise Moissanite is a striking alternative engagement ring. Always in fashion, this solitaire style is simple enough to jazz up with stackable wedding bands, but bold enough to stand-out all on its own.


The Soleil with a 1.56ct Emerald-cut Moissanite; the perfect, unique engagement ring for someone who’d like a little bit of Diamond! With a dazzling sunburst halo, this Soleil is a gorgeous combination of angular beauty and alluring glamor.


The Skye with a 1.1ct Oval Moissanite is an incredible balance between traditional elements and alternative style. We took the beloved solitaire ring and gave it a twist; a 45-degree twist, to be exact. This enticing Ready-to-Ship ring is perfect for the non-traditional minimalist.


Ring Builder & Moissanite


Looking for a traditional Moissanite in a customized ring? Use our brand-new Ring Builder to browse and select our current options!


If you’re looking for a colorful Moissanite and it is not listed within our inventory, book a consultation with our Brand Owner and In-House Designer, Haley Biemiller, to nail down the details and secure the stone of your dreams!


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