Our Spooky Season Selects: Alternative Engagement Rings

Spooky season is here, and so are the spooky engagement rings. We’ve rounded up our favorite ready-to-wear non-traditional engagement rings from salt and pepper diamond engagement rings to black diamond engagement rings and everything in between, because after all, it’s the season for alternative, dark and moody engagement rings! 

The Stella

Meet the Stella: a sparkling newly launched ready-to-wear engagement ring. Crafted in 14k rose gold, the Stella is adorned with a 1.26ct kite-shaped salt and pepper diamond center stone, set above a white diamond sunburst and pave band.

Three words to describe the Stella: glamourous, radiant, bright


The Stella Engagement Ring


The Phoenix

The Phoenix is one of our most loved gender-neutral engagement rings; this ring makes a statement that embodies strength and individuality. The Phoenix features a 1.20ct salt and pepper diamond nestled within a contoured bezel setting atop a thick solid 14k gold band. This ring is designed to represent all love, making it the perfect symbol of your commitment, no matter who you love.

Three words to describe the Phoenix: gender-neutral, geometric, powerful


The Phoenix Engagement Ring


The Selene

Calling all lunar lovers - this ring is for you. The Selene is a 14k yellow gold engagement ring adorned with a 1.36ct oval moissanite center stone, moon-shaped detailing, and two 1.5mm round side stones (.03ct).

Three words to describe the Selene: witchy, magical, lunar


The Selene Engagement Ring


The Luna

The Luna is one of our best-selling ring settings, and for good reason. The Luna is a modern-vintage 14k rose gold engagement ring adorned with a 1.72ct salt and pepper oval diamond, hugged by six marquise-cut diamonds (.75ct).

Three words to describe the Luna: romantic, charming, vintage-inspired

The Luna Engagement Ring


The Jett

Keep the night sky with you always with the Jett engagement ring. Crafted in 14k white gold, the Jett features a 1.19ct cushion-cut salt and pepper diamond, with a 16 black diamond pave (.25ct) band that expands from the center of this ring.

Three words to describe the Jett: galactic, complex, dark


The Jett Engagement Ring


The Juliet

Crafted in 14k yellow gold, the Juliet is adorned with a 1.32ct oval salt and pepper diamond, hugged by a white diamond half-sunburst halo. This sparkling beauty is a modern-vintage, unique engagement ring, perfect for the non-traditional couple.

Three words to describe the Juliet: striking, dramatic, brilliant 


The Juliet Engagement Ring


The Lyra

Stand out from the crowd with the Lyra, our best-selling moss agate engagement ring. This unique 14k white gold engagement ring features an east-west set 1.02ct hexagon-cut moss agate as its center stone, captivating its wearer with every glance.

Three words to describe the Lyra: earthy, whimsical, enchanting

The Lyra Engagement Ring


The Portia

Meet the Portia, a bold five-stone engagement ring that combines the contrasting beauty of black and white diamonds. Crafted in 14k white gold, the Portia is adorned with a 1.30ct emerald-cut black diamond and four baguette-cut diamonds (.55ct).

Three words to describe the Portia: edgy, bold, sleek

The Portia Engagement Ring


The Estelle

Crafted in 14k yellow gold, the Estelle features a 1.39ct kite-shaped salt and pepper diamond, set above a five-stone black diamond sunburst, perfect for the non-traditional diamond bride.

Three words to describe the Estelle: attention-grabbing, innovative, elegant


The Estelle Engagement Ring


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