Coming Soon: The Customizable Gender-Neutral Ring Collection

VENVS rings are designed for you with love, no matter who you love and how you identify, and our latest gender-neutral ring collection is a celebration of this.

Speaking from personal experience as a queer woman, it was a struggle to find an accepting and creative jeweler while searching for an engagement ring for my wife. There are many sources of anxiety that come along with getting engaged, and judgment from the jeweler making the physical representation of your love should not be one of them.

The pieces we’re launching in our gender-neutral ring collection were designed to fill a gap within the wedding industry. The beauty of this collection is that it transcends the gender binary that is ever so prominent in this industry - particularly with fine jewelry. Traditionally, fine jewelry has been gender-specific with engagement rings marketed for women and wedding bands marketed for men, however, there are no rules as to who should wear these rings. Our gender-neutral ring collection was designed out of necessity, to honor all gender identities and all types of love.

We encourage you to reconsider what you know about feminine and masculine engagement rings – and gendered fine jewelry as a whole. Each love story is unique, and we want to ensure every couple we meet finds the engagement rings that best represent their love and celebrate their self-expression, without having to fit into feminine or masculine molds. 

Launching mid-May, 2023, our gender-neutral ring collection will be customizable, but in the meantime, you can shop our ready-to-ship rings.

The Wolfe:

The Wolfe: Gender-Neutral Engagement Ring

With a band width of 1.45mm, the Wolfe features a half-bezel setting, an east-west set stone, and tapered baguette side stones. The ready-to-ship white gold Wolfe is adorned with a 1.03ct geometric sage green sapphire and the ready-to-ship yellow gold Wolfe is adorned with a 1.07ct octagon natural diamond. Similar to our other styles, the Wolfe can also be customized with other stones in our diverse inventory.


The Lynx

The Lynx: Gender-Neutral Engagement Ring

With a band width of 2.75mm to 5.25mm, the ready-to-ship Lynx features fluting, a graduating band width, and an east-west set .23ct oval moissanite secured by four prongs. Although the inventory is limited for the center stone due to size restrictions, there are still plenty of stone options when customizing your own Lynx.


The Phoenix:

With a band width of 4mm, the Phoenix features a bezel setting and an east-west set stone. The ready-to-ship Phoenix is adorned with a 1.2ct hexagon salt and pepper diamond, however, you have the choice of stone when customizing your own Phoenix.



We are also releasing a new cigar cut-out wedding band in all three gold colors (yellow, white, and rose) and platinum. This band is a great gender-neutral addition to a wedding ring stack; the band can act as a neutralizer paired with a feminine engagement ring or complement a more masculine or gender-neutral engagement ring.



Noteworthy gender-neutral VENVS rings that exist in our ready-to-ship and customizable collection:


The Lyra, the Leda, and the Vega, which are all geometric yet minimalistic gender-neutral engagement rings. You can shop our existing pieces or customize your ring.


These gender-neutral rings were designed to be engagement rings but in reality, this collection is representative of the ebbs and flows experienced in relationships - with our partners and ourselves. These rings have the potential to be an engagement ring for the non-traditional couple, an upgraded engagement ring or wedding ring as one’s personal style evolves over time, or a gift to oneself after a relationship ends. There are no boundaries with this collection, and we are so excited to launch it. 




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