Five Rings From the Lover Collection as Taylor Swift Tracks

Love songs are more than just options for your first dance, and no one writes a more devastating ballad than Taylor Swift. These five Taylor tracks perfectly encapsulate the essence of five of the gorgeous rings from the Lover collection. 

The Aurora ring~ ”Our Song”

The Aurora is a bright and fresh-faced design that shows the optimism and true love that is expressed in “Our Song”. The Solitaire style with extra glamour is true Debut era T-Swift, full of beauty and innocence. With a 16 diamond pave band this ring brings a gleaming elegance to a classic style. 

The Nova Ring

The Ophelia Ring~”New Year’s Day”

In sickness and health, on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Your commitment is everlasting and beautiful. A rare soft angle in the Reputation Era, “New Year’s Day” is the light at the end of the tunnel. This angelic love is perfectly represented by the halo style of the Ophelia Ring. The class and elegance of the Ophelia will never make you feel like your picking up bottles on New Year’s Day. 

The NOVA Ring~ “Invisible String”

The NOVA Ring is absolutely a Folklore era Taylor Swift track, there’s no question about it. We’ve entered Taylor’s most peaceful and mature era yet and those are the vibes the NOVA exudes. “Invisible String” is all about finding the perfect person after years of just misses, it’s patient and delicate. This ode to faith is like the NOVA in that it’s  poised and powerful, much like Taylor herself. 

The Celeste Ring ~ “Love Story”

The Celeste Ring

The re-release of Fearless has brought us all back to the magic of first love. The kind of love that is beautiful, pure, and flawless. That exuberance and spark are flowing from the Celeste. This sunburst style ring gives added glamour with it’s 5 diamonds cradling the stone of your choice. So come on, “it’s a love story, baby just say yes.”

The Vega Ring ~ “Sparks Fly”

The Vega really does make you want to “stop everything now, meet [them] in the pouring rain” and kiss the love of your life on the sidewalk to take away the pain. It’s a classic high set solitaire that’s timeless and sleek. When sparks fly, you want something that brings the heat as much as your relationship does. 

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