Peridot - For the Out of This World August Birthday

A cool birthstone, while everyone else is heating up.

Peridot is a stunning gem that represents those born in August and those celebrating 16 years of marriage. The olivine stone recalls visions of the fresh leaves on a flower or the decadent grass as summer simmers.

While it may be intimating to say, it can be pronounced PEH-RA-DOT or PEH-RA-DOE, there is really no way wrong to say (or to wear) this stone. The harmonizing and balancing gem is as fierce as the lava in which it is often found naturally.
Peridot is only found in one color, green, but that doesn’t mean it’s a one-note stone. This

gem ranges from deep, sultry olive green to a bright and blinding yellow-green tone. There are plenty of different hues for this single stone.

Peridot is an olivine mineral that is chock-full of magnesium. The beautiful hues come from inclusion and fractures within the stone, leading to dazzling results.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, peridot boasts around a 6.5-7, making it one of the softer gemstones ShopVenvs sells. While still sturdy, peridot will require more care than a stone such as a diamond. With its ET history, this stone is worth the effort.

Egyptians referred to peridot as “the gem of the sun” because of its stunning shades. The gem was mined for years along the Red Sea and may have been a part of Cleopatra’s famous gem collection. Many rulers have mistaken peridot for emerald and adorned their homes and accessories with the jewel without knowing its true name.

Minerals and gemstones are frequently found in outer space artifacts, like meteorites, but no gemstone to the same extent as peridot. This stone could star in an “Alien” reboot with how many times it’s been found adorning the centers of meteorites that have fallen to earth.

The distinct green hue associated with peridot is said to impart many positive effects, other than just looking beautiful, on its owner.
The stone is believed to harmonize the forces in the wearer’s life. This harmony is said to lead to peace, strength, and restfulness. And, like most gemstones, peridot is also associated with manifesting love and abundance.

VENVS has a beautiful selection of peridots that you can incorporate into your unique

engagement ring. A peridot engagement ring is a smoldering choice that will represent the strength and tranquility of your relationship. If you want to talk about what ring and gemstone work best for you, book a consultation with Brand Owner and in-house designer Haley.