2024 Spring/Summer Engagement Ring Trends

Spring and summer are around the corner, which means warm weather proposals are too - so let’s dive into engagement ring trends for the 2024 spring/summer season. We’re using the term “trend” lightly, because these engagement ring styles are truly timeless, and regardless of what engagement ring you say “yes” to, it won’t go out of style in your love story.

1. Enchanting Moss Agate Center Stones


Starting off strong with moss agate, not only is this gemtone one of our favorites, but it’s also become one of our best selling center stones of all time. With their green moss-like markings reminiscent of a lush forrest, moss agate is a great choice for nature-loving couples or couples looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring - like the Selene or Calisto. Moss agate is said to bring us closer to nature, foster connections, and mark new chapters in one’s life - like getting married!

2. Gender-Neutral, Unisex Engagement Rings

We’re a queer-owned company, and all VENVS engagement rings are crafted with love, no matter who you love or how you identify. The popularity of gender-neutrality in fashion and jewelry is on the rise, and the same goes for engagement rings as they are no longer reserved for just women. The Lynx and Wolfe are three gender-neutral engagement rings that lean into modern minimalism, that anyone can wear with pride. 

3. Yellow Gold


Yellow gold has been and always will be in style, so it’s no surprise that yellow gold engagement rings will continue to grow in popularity in 2024. Since yellow gold is both versatile and timeless, engagement rings in yellow gold will stun for a lifetime. The Atlas and the Helia are two yellow gold engagement rings with bands that range from thick cigar style to small and dainty.

4. East-West Set Stones

Traditional with a twist, classic with an edge: east-west set engagement rings are having a moment right now; they’re growing in popularity and rightfully so. These contemporary styles set center stones horizontally, giving new life to these otherwise conventional engagement ring styles. The Wolfe and The Lyra seamlessly blend traditional design with modern innovation. 

5. Alternative Sparkle with Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are perfect for lovers of the unexpected or for the alternative bride looking for a non-traditional engagement ring. Inclusions or markings in salt and pepper diamonds range in color, size, position, and pattern creating an endless amount of variety; some diamonds may feel dark and moody like the Juliet, while some feel bright and sparkly like the the Stella.

6. Bezel-Set Beauties

Modern, durable, and timeless, our bezel style engagement rings are handcrafted to safely secure your center stone for a lifetime of love and commitment. Lean into bold curves, geometric minimalism, and sculpturally soft designs with a half bezel or full bezel - like the Leda

7. Color, Color, Color

Pops of color for spring? Groundbreaking. Opting for a gemstone engagement ring is a great way to make your engagement ring more personalized: whether there’s a special meaning involved, a birth stone, or just a love for color, a gemstone engagement ring will have you standing out from the crowd. The Celeste and Wren are two gemstone engagement rings that provide an instant dopamine boost with every glance. 

8. Sustainability 

Lab-grown diamonds are an ideal option for the sustainability-minded individual or someone wanting the most bling for their buck. Lab-grown diamonds are visually and chemically the same as natural diamonds, and with their many advantages such as affordability, mining-free, and offering the same look and brilliance as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds will only continue to grow in popularity. The  Vela, the Zora, and the Rhea are three one-of-a-kind engagement rings adorned with lab-grown diamonds that prove diversity in design is still possible with lab-grown stones.

9. Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Modern designs + vintage sparkle = a match made in heaven. The Luna is our best-selling vintage-inspired engagement ring, and crafted with the same vintage-inspired sparkle is our Mini Luna ring. The Mini Luna is a miniature version of the Luna but at a better price point, so there’s no compromising your style, sparkle, or budget when saying “yes” to forever.


10. Custom-Designed Engagement Rings

Last but not least, custom-designed engagement rings will continue to trump as a top trend for 2024 and beyond. Custom-designed engagement rings are our specialty, and we consistently see more and more couples opting for a custom designed engagement ring to represent their love stories. Through the custom-designing route, you can personalize every single detail and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that no one else is wearing. Custom-design your dream engagement ring here.

Whether or not these trends speak to you, the most important factor is that your engagement ring represents your love story. While shopping around as you embark on the journey of finding your dream ring, take the time to explore different styles, refine your taste, and consult with the experts. If you’re about to embark on this journey, we recommend booking a free virtual consultation with us so we can learn more about you dream ring, provide insight, and help you find the ring of your dreams.