Mixing Metals; A Guide in Casual Color

What was once considered a fashion faux-pas is now one of the most trendy ways to accessorize, mixing metals. Soft silvers, alluring golds, and bright rose-golds can now drape your body in harmony.

Mixing metals can be your subtle statement. This technique can allow you to wear all of your favorite pieces without fear of clashing. But mixing these beautiful metals can be a little intimidating, try these simple ways to bring some color to your day.

This is a perfect way to wear multiple of your favorite pieces in one look. If you want to ease into the style, consider wearing two of the same piece in different colors. The Morgan Necklace looks beautiful stacked with its rose-gold and silver counterparts.

If you’re feeling more advanced, you can mix two different styles of necklaces. Choosing a subtle base (like the Jenna Necklace) to pair with a more dazzling style (like the Sam Necklace) can create a balanced look for any day.

Sticking with silver, rose gold, and gold for your first adventures in mixing metals is a great idea. All of these colors can complement each other beautifully and add to any look.

There are a plethora of ways to mix metals when styling with rings. Whether you’re a stacker or like to have your rings spread across your fingers, adding mixed metals to your look is a great way to add subtle hints of color to your look.

With separated rings consider adorning your fingers with the same ring in different colors. This constant can create a base to build upon, and be a great stepping stone for mixing metals. Look at the Lucy for a ring you could flaunt in multiple colors.

If you’re a stacker who likes to keep things clean consider mixing a softer piece (like the Ana) with something more attention-grabbing (like the Jessy.) The molding of subtly and statement is perfect to indulge in mixing metals. A cool silver in a subtle ring will diffuse the loudness of a bright rose gold piece.

The softest way to wade into metal mixing is by spacing it out across your body. A silver necklace and a gold ring, a rose gold diamond earring, and a silver bracelet- there are so many ways to space out your new style.

If you’re feeling cautious consider having a common theme throughout your pieces. A silver Diana Bangle is garnered with the same shade of clear diamonds as a pair of gold Grace Earrings.

You don’t have to stick to one metal anymore, you can work them all. VENVS is ready to help you find the perfect pieces to add to your collection.