Moss Agate is Having a Moment and Here's Why

Moss agate is having a moment right now - and rightfully so, these gemstones are renowned for their stunning green inclusions. They’re seriously enchanting, each stone is totally unique and provides a pop of color at your fingertips. Due to their distinctive markings and the symbolic meanings attached to this stone, we’re seeing a rise in moss agate engagement rings. They’ve also become one of our best-selling center stones of all time!

Emerald Cut Moss Agate Unique Engagement Ring

So, what is moss agate? Moss agate - also referred to as tree agate - is a semiprecious stone from the quartz family that is known for its undeniable nature-like beauty and symbolism. The name comes from the beautiful green inclusions in these stones, which look like moss you’d find in a forest. The stones themselves range from milky white to translucent, giving a foggy appearance, which makes the green moss-like inclusions pop. The shades of green, size, and amount of inclusions vary, making each stone unique. 

A moss agate engagement ring is a great choice for nature-loving couples, or for the couple looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Moss agate stones are beautiful in any ring setting and metal color, and the variety of these stones means they’re striking in any cut you desire. 

A moss agate ring is also an affordable yet sophisticated option compared to traditional diamond engagement rings. Moss agate is a fairly hard gemstone - it’s rated as a 7 on the Mohs Scale. This means it is a bit softer than traditional diamonds and extra care should be taken when worn. But don’t let this dissuade you! All of our moss agate stones are cut into calibrat

ed sizes, should you find yourself needing a replacement down the road. 

Thanks to the nature-like qualities of moss agate, its symbolic meanings relate to healthy ecosystems and holistic balance. Moss agate is said to encourage tranquility and bring us closer to nature, which may appeal to those who look to the healing powers of nature. It’s also said that moss agate is associated with fostering connections with new people, especially new, budding friendships. Additionally, it’s said that moss agate is ideal for marking new chapters in one’s life - like getting married!

Emerald Cut Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Many couples are opting for non-traditional engagement rings that represent their own uniqueness. Your forever stone should match your love story, and we can help with that. When you book a consultation with our brand owner and in-house designer, Haley, she’ll help guide you in the right direction when designing your moss agate ring. However, if you’ve already established your vision with your partner, you can design your dream ring with our online ring builder.


Whether you’re a nature lover looking for an eccentric, non-traditional ring, or you resonate with the deeper meanings attached to moss agate, we’re sure you’ll find the stone for you in our extensive collection. The moss agate is truly unique, and you’ll be reminded of nature’s beauty with every glance.



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