Ringing in the New Year with Katy Perry

Katy Perry on New Years Eve with Shop VENVS owner Haley, wearing a Shop VENVS Ring

We’re all about breaking out of the ordinary. And what more extraordinary way to ring in the New Year than by celebrating with Katy Perry?

Unique Opal and Peridot Gemstone Ring On NYE 2021, Venvs co-founder Haley Biemiller presented her longtime idol and friend Katy Perry with a custom Venvs birthstone ring - an opal (white stone) for Katy’s birthstone and peridot (green stone) for her daughter Daisy. The meeting happened at a private meet and greet with Perry in Las Vegas prior to her exclusive “PLAY” concert.  


Why a special gift for Katy Perry? Well, other than the fact that she’s KATY PERRY, the pop star represents all that Venvs values: Openness, truth, transparency, and authenticity. 


Katy has been a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has openly shared the struggles and heartbreaks she’s endured while breaking free from a rigid upbringing and creating a life and identity that is right for her. She’s encouraged her fans, dubbed KatyCats, to follow her lead, writing their own stories and finding their own love.  


And Haley couldn’t agree more.


 “The wedding industry has traditionally been based on a singular story— a man and woman fall in love, he buys her a ring and they live happily ever after,” says Haley. “But, so few people relate to that scripted story. We need to celebrate all love stories, honoring them for their realness and relatability. At Venvs, we want to bring awareness to everyone and tell them that they can and should have their dream wedding, whatever it may look like.”  


Venvs is hard at work creating a welcoming, inclusive community like the amazingly supportive community that Katy has created. If you’re a KatyCat, you won’t be surprised that Haley met her wife, Jenna, at a Katy Perry concert four years ago and the two continue to share many friends they have met from the community. 



“Katy taught us—and showed us through songs like I Kissed a Girl and Pearl—to come out of our shell and break free from the ordinary,” says Haley. “If you look in the right places, you’ll find others who are doing the same and ready to celebrate.”


We’re ready to celebrate you and your unique love story this year. Let us be part of your cheering squad - join our community here! You can also follow us on 

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Happy New Year! 

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