Salt and Pepper, Galaxy, and Rustic Diamonds: What's the Difference?

Salt and pepper, galaxy, and rustic diamonds have been making a big name for themselves as the new kids on the block in the world of unique diamond jewelry, especially as an alternative to white diamond engagement rings. They're the perfect diamond ring for lovers of the unexpected, but what are they and what’s the difference between the three?

Salt and pepper diamonds are white diamonds with naturally occurring inclusions. Inclusions are markings in the diamond that look like black and white specks, giving them their remarkable colors. They have the durability of a diamond, but a much more extensive shade range.


Inclusions in salt and pepper diamonds differ in size, position, and pattern, which creates an endless amount of variety. You’ll see these diamonds in a stunning array of colors from sultry silver to shades of gray to deep charcoal. Some diamonds may feel dark and moody, while others may feel bright and sparkly. 


With this amount of variety, this is where the terms “galaxy” and “rustic” come in handy. Galaxy and rustic diamonds are names of salt and pepper diamonds with certain colorings. Galaxy diamonds are darker in color and have spacey, galaxy-like markings. On the other hand, rustic diamonds are lighter in color; their inclusions can have hues of red, yellow, and orange to them, giving them an overall rust-like color.


Your love story is unique, and your engagement ring should match your one-of-a-kind love story. No two salt and pepper diamonds are exactly alike, making them the perfect option for a unique engagement ring. With VENVS, you can custom-design your engagement ring, and we’ll help every step of the way to personalize your dream ring. 


The versatility of these diamonds also makes them an everyday go-to accessory. Their signature salt and pepper coloring pairs well with other diamonds, moissanite, and colorful gemstones. You can also elevate your favorite stackable bands with a pop of salt and pepper sparkle. Plus, with no two diamonds looking the same, your options for everyday accessories are limitless. 


If a salt and pepper diamond is the diamond for you, you’re in luck. We have ready-to-ship rings that are waiting for you here, however, we recommend a more personalized approach by booking a consultation with us, or designing a custom ring online. No matter which route you choose, VENVS has a beautiful collection of unique salt and pepper diamonds for you to choose from.



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