The Spookiest Rings to Haunt This Wedding Season

While October is the peak of the haunted season, gorgeous and mysterious rings are en vogue all year round. Whether you want to lean into the season of the witch or just go for something a little more daring-- VENVS has the perfect engagement ring for you.

Giving solar eclipse goddess, this vintage style black diamond ring is an absolute show stopper. The Estelle provides you the opportunity to dabble in the darkness with its unique black diamond sunbursts, and still have the center stone of your choice. Perfect for the person with a little bit of a dark side.

The Celeste’s is the Estelle’s twin flame. These sister rings represent the balance in love and in life. The clear diamond sunburst style on the Celeste allows you to go deeper and darker with your center stone. This black diamond engagement ring is full of enough blinding black for Mistress of the Dark Elvira, and it will look stunning on you too.

This unusual solitaire ring provides the perfect amount of bling while retaining the timelessness of a solitaire diamond ring. The black diamond Virgo band adds an element of mystery and darkness, without overpowering the stunning salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. Perfect for the person who wants to remain balanced and beautiful.

The Jett’s black diamond pavè band will leave you feeling like Morticia Adams, draped in black and drop-dead gorgeous. The love of your life will be grasping to kiss up your arm after they see this unique diamond ring on your finger. This model is adorned with a stormy salt and pepper diamond, but any stone of your choice can be the centerpiece.

We haven’t forgotten about you Twilight fans! While this ring sadly doesn’t come attached to Edward or Kristen Stewart, it will leave you feeling the eternal love ever-present in “Twilight”. This vintage style engagement ring radiates class and sophistication associated and is ordained with beautiful black diamonds to cushion your stone. Paired here with the Leo Band, this is a look to die for.

These are just some of the spooky engagement ring styles VENVS has to offer. But, if you want something intensely unique you can always create your own ring. Book a consultation with Haley to create a ring you will be dying to show off.