Top 10 Best-Selling Engagement Ring Settings

With 34 engagement ring settings to choose from, we’ve narrowed down our top 10 best-selling rings. From bold innovative designs to slightly more subdued traditional settings, there’s an engagement ring setting for everyone at VENVS. If you prefer to take matters into your own hands, you’re in luck because all of our top selling engagement ring settings are available in our custom ring designer, where you can custom-design your dream ring to represent your love story. Keep reading to get the full list.

The Calisto 

Available in five ready-to-wear styles, the Calisto is a striking engagement ring setting where your center stone is on full display and accentuated by the sparkle of two 3-diamond clusters on either side.


The Celeste

The Celeste is a playful engagement ring with a vintage feel. Available in three ready-to-wear styles, the Celeste features a 5-stone diamond sunburst set below its pear-cut center stone.


The Sienna

Sparkle, sparkle, and more sparkle. Available in two ready-to-wear styles, the Sienna takes sparkle seriously with its 16-stone diamond sunburst halo, featuring 14 round diamonds and two elongated diamonds.


The Jett

Available in three ready-to-wear styles, the Jett is a non-traditional engagement ring setting featuring the alternative sparkle of a 16-stone black diamond pave band. The Jett is ideal for the alternative bride, and we highly recommend a salt and pepper diamond as its center stone. 


The Leda

Modern, durable, and timeless, the Leda is a bezel-set engagement ring setting that’s handcrafted to secure your center stone for a lifetime of love - and it’s available in seven ready-to-wear styles.


The Luna

The Luna is where vintage sparkle meets modern design. Available in two ready-to-wear styles, the Luna is a vintage-inspired engagement ring setting that pairs perfectly with a marquise-cut or oval-cut center stone and is hugged by three marquise-cut diamonds on either side.  


The Mini Luna

Meet the Mini Luna, the Luna’s little sister. Crafted with the same vintage-inspired sparkle, the Mini Luna is a miniature version of our best-selling Luna setting with a better price point to match its dainty counterpart.


The Portia

Available in four ready-to-wear styles, the Portia setting is the perfect engagement ring for the bold art deco lovers. With four baguette-cut diamonds on either side of your center stone, the Portia’s geometric design will leave you satisfied with its symmetrical sparkle. 


The Soleil

The Soleil is a sparkling engagement ring setting that’s as bright as the sun. With seven ready-to-wear styles available, the Soleil is as versatile as it is radiant, featuring a diamond pave sunburst halo that wraps around your choice of center stone.  


The Wolfe

Available in two ready-to-wear styles, the Wolfe is a modern gender-neutral engagement ring setting with an east-west center stone that’s hugged by two baguette-cut diamonds, and guaranteed to set its wearer apart from the crowd.


Even though you’ve reached the end of our list of our best selling engagement rings, the fun doesn’t have to end here. Keep the inspiration flowing and browse through all of our ready-to-wear engagement rings, or custom-design your dream engagement ring with our custom ring designer