VENVS Featured in NBC's 27 LGBTQ-owned brands and businesses to support this year

Rainbow engagement ring with multi-color sapphires, set in 14K yellow gold

Just like other brands it’s important to highlight LGBTQ-owned businesses throughout the year and even more so during pride month. This month, at VENVS we were one of the select brands highlighted on NBC’s, “27 LGBTQ-owned brands and businesses to support this year,” in which the article gave light to LGBTQ-owned brands and the importance of shopping from said places.



Knowing the anxiety that comes from choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for a loved one, Haley saw this pressure when ring shopping for her wife of four years. Looking for an accepting and creative jeweler was difficult, which is how VENVS was born.

Same-sex couple getting married wearing Shop VENVS coordinating engagement rings


VENVS is a brand that prides itself in making sure everyone is welcomed and making it a safe space when shopping for unique and different jewelry.

With every unique engagement ring being handcrafted with love and acceptance, there is surely a piece in our collection that will resonate with you.

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