Why Buying From Queer-Owned Businesses for Your Wedding Matters

No matter the size of your wedding you will have to make dozens of decisions. Do you and your partner want a big ceremony? Or small and intimate? What flowers will look beautiful and not make your mother-in-law sneeze? There are so many choices, but buying from queer-owned businesses for this monumental life event can be one of your most important ones.

Here are just a few of the reasons why buying queer-owned is so important for your wedding day:

Discrimination against queer couples is still prevalent, and sadly that discrimination extends to wedding planning. In 2018, approximately 44% of same-sex couples planning a wedding experienced anxiety about being rejected by venues for their sexual orientation. With all of the stress that comes with planning your dream day, you shouldn’t need to fear your love will be scrutinized.

Queer-owned businesses, like VENVS Jewelry, understand the difficulties that come with planning LGBTQ+ weddings in spaces that are not always friendly to our community. By shopping queer-owned for your wedding, you know that your love will be respected and celebrated.

You should be worrying about whether your friends from middle school will bring up your locker shrine to Lady Gaga in their speeches, not that the people you are buying from for your wedding don’t support you.

When you make the decision to buy queer-owned you are showing that the values of queer-owned businesses are worth supporting. VENVS believes in equality for everyone, no matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.

Buying from a queer-owned business is monetarily backing your beliefs. When you buy queer-owned you are supporting a business that aligns with your values, and allowing them to impact the lives of more customers.

But not all companies support the equal rights of their customers and employees, check out the 2021 Corporate Equality Index to see how your favorite big brands value LGBTQ+ rights.

You don’t need to be queer to want to buy from queer-owned businesses for your wedding. Queer-owned wedding businesses have been created to make sure that everyone feels respected and catered to on their wedding day.

Not only are queer-owned businesses brimming with talent and new ideas, buying from them can make your wedding day more special because you’ve supported businesses that align with your beliefs.

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