VENVS Engagement Rings for Every Zodiac Sign

The stars have aligned and you’ve found the love of your life, so why not turn to the stars when searching for engagement ring inspiration? Look no further, we’ve taken an astrological approach to matching each of the zodiac signs with their unique engagement ring styles. From center stones and shapes to metals and designs, your zodiac sign can help you find the perfect ring that suits your unique personality and style, all while representing your love story. Keep reading to find out if the stars will continue to align as you hunt for inspiration.





March 21 - April 19


Starting strong with Aries, this fire sign is ambitious, strong, and courageous. Slightly subdued yet still statement-making, the Vega and the Calisto are two engagement rings adorned with non-traditional salt and pepper diamonds, fitting for a bold Aries who isn’t afraid to take risks.



April 20 - May 20


This earth sign possesses unwavering loyalty; they are reliable, patient, kind, and all-around grounded. The unyielding love of a Taurus is deserving of timeless sparkle, like that of the Eden or the Aurora. These two engagement rings certainly don’t shy away from sparkle: in addition to the Eden’s light salt and pepper oval diamond center stone, the Eden is adorned with a 12-diamond pavé hidden halo, and the Aurora’s radiant-cut natural diamond is set upon a 16-diamond pavé band.



May 21 - June 20


This charismatic air sign is all about versatility, and as the twins of the zodiac, their dual personalities should be able to shine through in their engagement ring. Geminis are multifaceted - just like our Vela, a two-stone engagement ring with an emerald-cut and pear-cut lab-grown diamond. Sure, two diamonds are better than one, but the Vesper and Estelle take it up a notch with their diamond center stones hugged by black diamond side stones, giving a Gemini the best of both worlds.



June 21 - July 22


Cancers are passionate, intuitive, and sensitive, and just like the ocean, these water signs have some serious depth to them. These emotional signs are ruled by the moon and symbolism is important to sentimental Cancers, which is why we’ve paired our Selene and Saturn rings with this sign. Our Selene ring features an oval center stone hugged by two 14k yellow gold half moons, and the round diamond of our Saturn ring is set on a wavy 18-diamond pavé band, reminiscent of the the earth’s watery tides.



July 23 - August 22


Confident, bold, and outgoing, Leos aren’t known to shy away from the spotlight - so why should their engagement ring? These feisty fire signs are the lions of the celestial jungle, and our Sienna, Soleil, and Stella rings will make any Leo roar. The Stella is full of personality through its kite-shaped salt and pepper diamond and seven-stone diamond sunburst set on a pavé band, the Soleil radiates warmth and glamour through its marquis-cut rose diamond and diamond sunburst halo, and on the cooler side the Sienna is a striking option with an oval salt and pepper diamond hugged by a sunburst halo. Regardless of your choice, all three of these rings scream this Leo is in love.


August 23 - September 22

Practical, logical, and sometimes borderline perfectionists, these earth signs appreciate simplicity, making the Helia and Skye the perfect matches for a Virgo. The center stones of these solitaire rings are on full display: the Helia’s round natural diamond shines as the center of attention, and the Skye’s pear-cut diamond set at a 45-degree angle adds a touch of uniqueness to this classic engagement ring style.


September 23 - October 22 

This air sign is all about balance and peace, and as represented by the scales of justice, Libras strive to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of their lives. The perfect engagement ring for a Libra will be romantic and well balanced, which makes the Mini Luna and Eclipse perfect matches with their three side stones on either side of the center stones, creating perfect symmetry at the wearer’s fingertips.



October 23 - November 21

Scorpios are powerful, mysterious beings with a flair for the dramatics, and this water sign is deserving of an engagement ring that can keep up with their intensity - like the Portia or the Jett. The Jett is adorned with a cushion-cut salt and pepper diamond that’s so complex it will leave any Scorpio mesmerized with every glance, and with an emerald-cut black diamond accentuated by four baguette-cut diamond side stones, the Portia will feel like it was made for its Scorpio wearer.


November 22 - December 21

This fire sign is always up for an adventure, and to match the bold personality of a Sagittarius, we’ve paired this sign with two gemstone engagement rings: the Lyra and Celeste. The Lyra features an east-west set moss agate center stone with a green pattern as rich as the forrest, and the Celeste’s natural pear-cut turquoise is as blue as the sea - perfect for these free-spirited explorers.



December 22 - January 19

For responsible and disciplined Capricorns, practicality trumps extravagance when it comes to their engagement ring style, but that doesn’t mean uniqueness has to be sacrificed. For this earth sign we’ve paired our Phoenix and Leda, two bezel-set style engagement rings that help their center stones withstand the test of time. The Phoenix embodies strength and individuality, adorned with an east-west set salt and pepper diamond set on a thick 5mm band, and the Leda offers a touch of sparkle with its emerald-cut diamond nestled within a 14k yellow gold bezel setting.




January 20 - February 18

This air sign is deep: they’re introspective and independent intellectuals with seriously open minds. They’re authentic and not afraid to express themselves, which should be taken into consideration for their engagement ring. The Wolfe and the Lynx are two engagement rings featuring unique east-west set center stones with innovative designs, which will surely make this Aquarius stand out from the crowd. 



February 19 - March 20


Often thought of as sensitive and emotional, this water sign is also incredibly empathetic, intuitive, and romantic. These traits allow a Pisces to be in tune with their inner world; it gives them access to creativity and a sense of whimsy, and the perfect engagement ring for a Pisces encapsulates these traits - which is why we’ve paired this sign with our Wren and Zora. With a pink oval sapphire center stone set beside a five-stone sunburst, our Wren ring is whimsical and playful, and our Zora ring is perfect for a sentimental Pisces: this three stone engagement ring represents the past, present, and future of your love story, giving this engagement ring a deeper meaning.

Whether your zodiac sign will influence your decision, we’re here to help you find the perfect engagement ring that suits your personal taste and fits your unique love story. Browse through all of our ready-to-wear engagement rings here, or custom-design your dream engagement ring here. If you’ve been influenced by our intergalactic interpretation and want to fully customize your engagement ring, book a free consultation with us so that we can make the stars align and create the perfect engagement ring.