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I want VENVS to feel like your theatre teacher’s room during lunch. Everyone is welcome, no matter how often you quote Britney or tell us about your pet rock collection.

VENVS was created to ensure a safe space in the Jewelry industry for non-traditional couples, as well as anyone who appreciates unique and different jewelry. And that sense of love and acceptance is found in every single piece we create.

Jewelry is more than just a beautiful accent piece, though we strive for that, it’s a physical representation of the love between people. My favorite part of crafting pieces is knowing the impact that this item will have on a love story, whether it be an engagement, mother’s day present, or a simple gift.

I’ve been with my wife for four years, and I struggled to find an accepting and creative jeweler while I was engagement ring searching. And as a Libra, I felt it was VERY important the ring was perfect. There are so many sources of anxiety that come with a wedding, judgement from the person making the physical representation of your ring should not be one of them.

ring on a finger

VENVS was born out of both love and necessity, we will be as excited for you to pick out your ring as your future fiancé is. Although we are probably less impatient.

Through the journey of opening my NY-based business, I have been given the pleasure to connect with so many people who share my jewelry buying experiences. The insights have helped enhance the VENVS buying experience, by making it a process full of love and excitement rather than nerves.

Our expertise is in unique stones and innovative settings. We want to be the go-to place for engagement rings containing “misfit” or non-traditional stones. Gemstones and “imperfect” diamonds, like salt and pepper, have been tossed aside. But we want to show you the beauty these stones hold.

VENVS is a small, LGBTQ+ run, tight-knit company. We cherish every order and the stories that inspire them. The jewelry you get from us will feel like it’s made for you - because it is.

You are welcome here, Love VENVS


“The jewelry that VENVS has is beyond stunning. I love supporting a brand that is breaking the mold and making steps towards a more inclusive world.”

- JENNA W. -


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