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  • A close-up image of a custom-designed engagement ring featuring a stunning "Toi et Moi" design with two lab-grown diamonds. One diamond is emerald-cut, known for its elegant rectangular shape and step-cut facets. The other is pear-cut, celebrated for its teardrop shape and brilliance. Both diamonds are set in a yellow gold band, highlighting their clarity and brilliance. This two-stone ring, symbolizing "You and Me," is perfect for those seeking  sustainably sourced engagement rings.

The Vela Ring | 1.03ct Lab-Grown Emerald Cut + 1.02ct Lab-Grown Pear | Yellow Gold

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The Vela Setting in Yellow Gold with a 1.03ct Emerald Cut Lab-Grown Diamond + 1.02ct Pear Shaped Lab-Grown Diamond.


Two-Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


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