Choosing an Engagement Ring Online that Represents Your Love Story

Lesbian Couple Engaged with Shop VENVS Engagement Ring


The time you’ve waited for is here. You may have mingled with a couple of fish in the sea, but you have finally found the one! Although the journey to get to the love of your life might have been stressful, choosing an engagement ring shouldn’t be the same way. Venvs is here to help!

Though there are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding ring, at the end of the day, what matters most is making sure that the piece perfectly represents the love story the both of you share. We’ve compiled a couple of tips to help you on your journey of searching for the perfect ring!


Know what your partner likes and get creative


Knowing your partner’s jewelry preference is key! You’re looking for a unique piece that will tell your love story perfectly, but you don't want to stray too much from what they like. 


Are they a traditionalist or do they lean towards a more modern design? Is having a gender-neutral ring style important? Does your partner prefer a marquise-cut diamond or a hexagon-cut gemstone? These are all valid questions to have!

 “An engagement ring is more than just a beautiful accent piece; it’s a physical representation of the love between two people,” says Venvs co-founder Haley Biemiller. “Find a ring that uniquely speaks to you by knowing what appeals to your partner, including their taste and their values.”


While diamonds are known as a popular choice for engagement rings, they aren’t the only stone that sparkles. It’s important to note that nowadays there is an impressive range of options available. 

Large Round Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite is often seen as a more sustainable and cost effective choice over diamonds. Measuring it at a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale, this increasingly popular diamond rival is comparably durable. 


Venvs will help design your engagement ring with colorful stones, from dynamic and eye-catching salt and pepper diamonds to high-chromatic gemstones like opal or peridot. 


Select your preferred setting like the minimalist Calisto or book a consultation to create your own custom style, including your preferred metal color (e.g. Rose, Yellow, and White Gold). Take customization one step further with an engraved bridal set with a personalized message.


Find a Jeweler who Understands You & Your Partner


Just like you kissed a couple of toads along the way to find your true love, you might want to take this same approach when choosing a jeweler. 

Two Women Kissing After Getting Engaged with Salt & Pepper Hexagon Ring

Traditional jewelers fall short on providing an environment that is welcoming of all love stories; they often rely on outdated, homogeneous advertising and products that are anything but diverse and inclusive. But we know that love isn’t one size fits all.


Venvs believes we all deserve to have our own, unique love story celebrated. We want to feel welcomed and represented by the retailers with which we shop, especially when we are choosing something as important as an engagement ring.


“There is so much anxiety around finding and selecting the perfect ring; judgment from a jeweler should not impact your experience,” says Haley. “Everyone deserves to feel important and valued while picking out jewelry, no matter their race, size, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, or ability. Venvs believes every love story deserves to be celebrated.”


If supporting brands that support the LGBTQ+ community is important to you, keep that in mind when shopping for an engagement ring.


Make the Experience a Positive One


We understand the pressure that comes from choosing the perfect engagement ring and at VENVS we want to make sure you feel good about the gift you choose to give.


It’s important to take your time and do your homework before you shop. Checking out a jeweler’s website or social media might seem a little daunting at first, especially with all the possibilities that may be brought to you; fret not, we got you covered! 


Booking a virtual appointment is a great place to start if you’re needing some help right off the bat. Social Media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok will give you helpful insight from previous customers and their experiences.


Don’t settle for less! You deserve expertise to help guide you through your purchase, as well as a warm welcoming experience and access to quality products that are backed by dedicated customer service. 


Selecting an engagement ring for the love of your life should be an exciting, memorable experience. To find a ring that feels like it’s made for you and yours, check out VENVS: a small, LGBTQ+ run, tight-knit company dedicated to celebrating every love story.